The missing Django admin interface

for modern professionals is here


New fresh design

A breath of fresh air to the world of Django, forget that old-fashioned interfaces


Desktop and mobile user experience combined in the one single package

Sweet dashboard

Home page is not a bunch of links anymore - use if for quick access to useful tools and info

Easy integration

Only a few minutes and you'll get a completely different look. Download, install - and you are ready to go

Why Django JET?

New fresh look

Tired of monotonous Django admin panels? JET brings a breath of fresh air to the world of Django. Your super complex systems will be cool not only inside, but outside too, and you won't need to feel a shame anymore showing admin interface to your clients

Responsive mobile interface

Administration interface specially optimized for mobile devices requiring no action from your side

Useful admin home page

Using your admin home page just as a bunch of links to other pages? Transform it to a complete dashboard with widgets that will give you a quick access to useful tools and info. You can use built-in widgets or create your own

Minimal template overriding

We've worked hard to keep original Django layout and make JET compatible with 3rd party packages – only 3 Django admin base templates (base.html, popup_response.html and includes/fieldset.html) are overridden without any significant changes

Easy integration with your system

Developing your Django-based system for a long time, but want to make it look fresh without rewriting even a single line of code? You can just install JET and get the same functionality with a completely different look

Themes support

Default theme doesn't match your website style? No problem, JET comes with a number of different color schemes. Of course you can always create your own theme if you want to


You can transform all your foreign key fields and filters with large amount of data to AJAX-based dropdowns with just a few lines of code

Handy controls

Improved Django controls for a painless admin interface. Don't waste your time with excess navigation, it should be convenient and efficient


Django JET has two kinds of licenses: open-source (AGPLv3) and commercial. Please note that using AGPLv3 code in your programs make them AGPL too. So if you don't want to comply with that we can provide you a commercial license. The commercial license is designed for using Django JET in commercial products and applications without the provisions of the AGPLv3


Use for AGPL
Single commercial
1 project (including mirrors)
  • + Feature requests
  • + Integration support
Unlimited commercial
unlimited projects
  • + Feature requests
  • + Integration support

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